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grab your handbags, girls and boys.... head to the dance floor.... do not pass go...xxx...

this is a vintage track by The Natural Curve...


boy, you'll never be alone cos there's a dream that's in your soul. i was there when you called. so, never walk away from me because a person without love has nothing at all. and now my heart cannot forget just what my eyes have seen and yet i wanna believe you. and now i'm living on a dream of you. my memory's the only fool. i need you. and then i die. every time i look into your eyes i see another pack of lies and then i die. you know that when you touch my soul, i always lose control. you have no words to fill the air. your silence deafeningly clear. you know you better beware. and then my heart steps up a beat when you turn around to me a speak. say you wanna be there. and now you put your love on hold, and turn me out into the cold, but i wanna be near. just believe the things i do. cos you don't seem to have a clue. it couldn't be clearer. so can you tell me what you mean when you say you wanna stop and then you continue? cos i don't question what you do. from where i stand it's up to you. you gotta give in to... and... then... i... die...


released August 18, 2016
Vocals: Polly Gibbons
Bass: Hej
Trumpet: Peter Jay
Music and Production: Paul Cullen



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